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Business Rates Appeals

The deadline for submitting appeals on the 2017 Rating List is the 31st March 2023. As we move closer to this date, ratepayers need to ensure their Rateable Values have been reviewed and appeals have been submitted where necessary. A successful appeal can be backdated 6 years to the 1st April 2017, with all overpayments being refunded. 

Our rating experts can advise if there are grounds to challenge your Rateable Value and guide you through the complex appeal procedures introduced for the 2017 Rating List. Our role is to actively seek to reduce your rate liabilities, ultimately placing your company in a better financial position. 

The rating system is complex, and ratepayers need to be aware that ill-advised challenges against their rating assessments could even result in increases, rather than reductions. Therefore, we only appeal properties that have genuine opportunities to achieve savings. 

Get in contact now to see how we can help you achieve a reduction in your business rates liability and even receive a refund for overpayment of business rates dating back to 2017.

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