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Landlord & Tenant

Rent reviews, Lease Renewals & Professional Advice

Able to assist with both the Landlord and Tenant side of any commercial property transaction; Owen Isherwood provides a range of specialist advice to clients on these more technical occupational issues.

This part of our work includes handling Rent Review, Lease Renewal & re-gearing negotiations, as well as the ability to provide Dispute Resolution Services via a fully qualified Arbitrator.

Landlord and Tenant issues are continually changing depending on the market conditions and commercial property case-law. In order to ensure the best result it is important to employ professional advisors to assist with these transactions.

Rent Reviews

Settling Rent Reviews can be a complex and time consuming process. With our keen understanding of lease terms, standard assumptions and disregards, and market trends Owen Isherwood will be able to guide you through each stage and help you to achieve a successful outcome.

Lease Renewals & Re-Gears

Many business tenancies are protected by the Landlord & Tenant Act 1954 and knowledge of the Act and the timetable for dealing with statutory Lease renewals is important to avoid and potential pitfalls (of which there are many).

For lease renewals which do not attract security of tenure we can provide up to date transactional information as well as professional advice on the appropriate modernisation of lease terms.

Surrendering and contracting anew can help to secure both the landlord and tenant’s position in case of large capital expenditure, or other strategic considerations. Much like lease renewals Owen Shipp can help to optimise lease terms and advise on appropriate values.

Assignments, Sub-Lettings & Deeds of Variation

Owen Isherwood are also able to advise on a range of lease alienation processes for either landlords or tenants. Initially we are able to review the contracted lease terms and determine the best course of action for your business. Through our commercial agency experience we are then able to market leases for assignment or sub-letting of part, or all, of the demised premises.

A Deed of Variation is a document which is needed to change wording within a lease contract or rent deposit deed which has been agreed formally. We can act on your behalf to advise how best to go about this and gain consensus with all parties as negotiated settlements are often the only way to make these changes.


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